Customer Handbook

This page contains brief explanations of the technical aspects of Tactical Relocation Systems (TRS Moving) Services. It is intended to be used as a quick reference guide. It outlines what you can expect from us, and what we require from you. As always, our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you may have along the way.


The first step in procuring any TRS Moving Service is to analyze the duties and requirements of your job. This can be done in 3 different ways:

  • Over The Phone Estimate
  • Free On-Site Evaluation
  • Online Form Submission

While most Apartment or Select Item (1 – 6 piece) moves can be quoted very accurately over the phone, we strongly recommend a Free On-Site Evaluation (OSE) for houses and businesses. An OSE is not typically required, but there are some instances where TRS Moving will insist on evaluating before accepting the job. Larger houses, Gun Safes, Machinery, and Pianos are examples of jobs we might decline unless afforded the opportunity to evaluate. Please call to schedule a Free On-Site Evaluation. We recommend setting the appointment about 30 days prior to your Projected Move Date (PMD).


Whether it’s done over the phone, through our online form, or from an OSE, developing a comprehensive inventory of your shipment is important. We have sophisticated software that will calculate the time your job will take, and thus, the total cost. Without obtaining an inventory, we can only go off averages based on the size of the dwelling and the estimate may not be accurate. The good news is that our software makes it easy. Our online form takes about 5 minutes to complete (on average). A phone evaluation averages 15 minutes and produces more accurate quotes than the online form. The most accurate quote is achieved through OSE.

*All information provided to TRS Moving is kept confidential and stored on secure servers. We do not store credit card information.

Once your inventory is submitted, we will send an official quote via email. The email will contain a link to our Client Portal.

TRS Moving Client Portal allows you to:

  • View your quote
  • Update Contact Information
  • Request Move Date
  • Decline Estimate
  • Print Estimate

Click the Blue “MANAGE MY QUOTE” button at the bottom of email page to view your quote.

*When you are ready to schedule your move, you must request your Move Date through the Client Portal. You can save the link provided in your Estimate email for quick access or call for assistance.

Please Note: Each new or revised quote you request will produce a new Client Portal link.

This system helps us to facilitate proper scheduling and is a necessary part of the process. Developing a comprehensive and accurate quote takes a few minutes, but it is by far the most difficult part of the TRS Moving Service Experience.


Now that the hard part is over, we need to get you scheduled. As mentioned above, you will need to request your move date by either calling or emailing the office. You can also message through the Client Portal. Our office will respond usually within a few minutes, if the date you selected is available, we will reply and confirm your move date and time.

*Requesting a move date does not guarantee availability at time of request. We schedule on a first-come, first-serve basis, and our availability is subject to change without notice.

The final step to booking a moving appointment is by submitting a deposit. Reservations require a nominal deposit of up to 50% of projected total cost (we usually ask for 20% unless there are abnormal expenses to consider such as lodging for crews, or extensive packing material costs). Deposit amount will be credited directly to your moving bill.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

  • You must cancel or reschedule no less than 7 days prior to your move date for 3 movers or more (our movers are required to give 14 days’ notice when requesting time off). 2-man crews require 72 hours’ notice. If you cancel or reschedule inside of these respective time frames before your move date your deposit will not be refunded.
  • If you have a medical emergency that causes you to cancel or reschedule inside of the declared time period (above) before your move date, we will refund your deposit once we verify your extenuating circumstance.
  • Not being ready, not being fully packed, not gaining possession of your storage locker or apartment/house keys, or any other reason that is not a verifiable and qualified medical emergency is not a valid exception to the Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy.
  • Unfortunately, last minute changes in your closing date do not count as valid exceptions to this policy. We recommend scheduling outside of the non-refundable cancellation/rescheduling windows when buying or selling a house. If you must schedule within these windows, have your Realtor Stipulate a contract penalty in the amount of your deposit.
  • Also, delays caused by contractors or other service providers are not valid exceptions to the Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy. Again, stipulating contract penalties for delays can be highly motivational.

The Day Before Your Move

A member of our office staff will contact you the day before your move to check in. This is your final opportunity to tell us about any changes that have been made to the conditions of your move. Here are a few things we would like you to tell us about:

  • The number and size of any Flat Screen TVs to be shipped.
  • The presence of any safe, piano, refrigerator, or oversized item

*This information helps us to send the right equipment and manpower including our exclusive TV crates.

  • Any previously undeclared packing requirements
  • Any additional packing supplies you would like us to bring

*All packing supplies are available for optional purchase. If you think you might need us to bring more than this Standard Stock, please notify us in advance. All plastic wrap that is needed to prep your furniture for transport (as used by our movers) is free of charge.

We reserve the right to alter your crew size based on availability, the discovery of oversized items, or additional packing requirements. We will try our best to notify you in advance of any changes. This happens very rarely and has very little impact on your total cost.

Arrival Period

Our standard arrival windows are as follows:

  • 8:00am to 9:00am (morning time slot)
  • 11:00am to 4:00pm (afternoon time slot)

Our office and/or drivers will be in contact with you well before their scheduled appointment time to update you on a more precise time of arrival. We kindly ask that you be ready to meet with your crew at the beginning of the assigned arrival period and appreciate your patience and understanding if they are unable to arrive until later in the arrival period. We do our best to maintain an accurate schedule but are not always given the information we need to do so. We do, however, guarantee the completion of your move on the day it was scheduled regardless of unexpected delays.

Packing & Preparation

We require all boxable items to be pre-packed prior to our arrival unless your reservation is for Packing Services. If you have requested Packing Services from TRS Moving, we will complete all packing operations before the initiation of Moving Services.

It is your responsibility to make sure your home or office is free from clutter before our movers arrive. A cluttered environment will negatively impact safety and increase your overall cost. Please make sure your dwelling is free from pet dander and excessive dust. Our movers are required to stop moving operations immediately upon discovery of any infestations, drug paraphernalia, toxic or biologically hazardous materials or substances. Suspicion of intoxication by any party involved will also cause the movers to stop and report to our office for further instructions. Please do not smoke inside dwellings while movers are operating.

You (the shipper) or an authorized representative must be present during the entire course of the move, including all packing phases. This person can be anyone you choose, if they understand that they are assuming the responsibilities of the contracting shipper including payment of the moving or packing bill while the contracting shipper is not present.

Moving Procedures

TRS Moving charges an Hourly Rate and Travel Charge (as declared in your official quote) plus materials (optionally, as consumed). Billable time starts when the movers arrive at your first location (origin), and continues throughout the transport, additional pickups and all delivery phases and locations (destination). Movers will ask you to call in your official start time to our main office line. Time stops when the job has been completed and you verify (physically) that our trucks have been cleared of your belongings. TRS Moving will not assume liability for, or offer any compensation for delays that were not caused by TRS Moving, i.e. delays in obtaining access to dwellings, storage facilities, etc.

Movers will document any apparent, pre-existing damages for comparison to a post-move inspection for the purpose of extrapolating and declaring damages that may or may not have been caused by TRS Moving. The pre-move inspection also serves as irrefutable proof of the contents of your shipment. This can be forwarded to our insurance carrier should the need arise to make a claim for damages. All documentation is for in-house use and is kept private, unless explicitly authorized by the shipper or authorized representative. We sometimes ask customers for permission to use pictures or video for Social Media, but this is entirely up to you. We respect your privacy.

Once the pre-move inspection has been completed, movers will begin their furniture preparation procedures (assuming the packing has been completed). This involves disassembly of certain furniture items including bed frames, table legs, removable shelving, etc. They will then move on to the padding (blanketing) and wrapping phase. They may or may not employ a combination of these procedures simultaneously. The initiation of the loading phase can happen at any point as well. There are no mandates for the exact sequence of these procedures. Our movers are trained for many different scenarios, but it is ultimately up to them how they wish to accomplish their load.

Before transport, the driver may want to confirm the address of the next stop or destination, if he has not done so already. The movers may or may not need to stop for drinks or to refuel the truck. They will make you aware of their intention to stop, and their estimated time of arrival. You may follow the moving truck on each leg of the trip. However, our drivers may be apprehensive about following you, and will most likely urge you to follow them.

Upon arrival to your destination, movers will ask to do a quick walk through to develop a plan of action for offloading. This phase of the job will happen very quickly, so it is wise to have a good idea of where you want your items to be placed. Boxes will be distributed throughout the home or office or staged in a certain area according to your preference. They will also ask you whether you would like your furniture to be assembled. As a rule of thumb: if they took it apart, they would automatically want to put it back together. It’s entirely your choice.

Blankets must be returned or purchased. Movers will remove and replace the blankets they used for your load. We kindly ask that you discard the plastic wrap for us as a fair trade-off for giving it to you for free.

Once your shipment has been completely offloaded, and all items placed to your satisfaction, the driver will ask you to accompany him on a final inspection of furniture items, as well as a physical inspection of all TRS Moving trucks that were present for your move.

To address the issue of lost items TRS Moving requires all trucks to be physically inspected by the shipper or authorized representative at the end of each job or day’s work. We do not have an in-house storage facility, so there is no way for items from shipments to get lost due to our logistics. It is our strong belief that items are invariably perceived to be lost when, in fact, they are simply misplaced.  We found that a truck inspection goes a long way to give everyone peace of mind.

Once the inspections are complete, the crew leader will go over the bill with you and collect payment. Payment is due immediately at the end of each job or each day’s work (if the job takes multiple days). We accept cash or card. Your deposit will be credited to your bill immediately (as a deduction from the total amount due).

What You Should Know Before Your Crew Departs

  • You cannot make a claim for damages after your crew departs. The purpose of the post-move inspection is to discover and report any new damages that may have been caused by us. It is better to make a claim if you suspect anything of being damaged than it is to make the claim after your crew leaves because we simply will not honor it.
  • You may not make a claim for loss after your crew leaves. As mentioned, we do not have a warehouse for storage of household goods. Our warehouse is strictly for equipment. This makes it nearly impossible for items to become missing due to logistical processes. If you feel something was stolen during your move, call the police immediately. Then call us. If you discover that something is missing at any point after your crew leaves, and you participated in a physical truck inspection, it can only mean one thing: it was stolen.
  • This is a family-owned business that cannot afford to have thieves onboard. If this scenario arises, TRS Moving will fight doggedly to discover the truth and eradicate any possibility of thievery within the company. We will prosecute and immediately terminate the employment of any suspected thief. Our movers are background checked, bonded, and trusted.
  • Landscapers and other service providers (and random criminals) have been known to rob moving trucks during the loading and offloading processes. We recommend having extra help during these processes to keep an eye on things. It is highly impractical and time consuming to keep opening and closing the cargo door of the moving truck.
  • Our movers are trained to prep and wrap the furniture first, then load either with a single loader, or with alternating trips to the truck to reduce the risk of 3rd party theft.

It is in our best interest to make sure your move goes as safely and efficiently as possible. We have worked extremely hard for many years to achieve the reputation that we have, and unfortunately, that reputation makes us a huge target for scammers. Most of the policies we have in place are either to protect you, the customer, or to protect ourselves as a company. We completed over 1,500 jobs in 2019 and more than 5,000 jobs to date. Many of these jobs are from repeat customers who have seen us in action and absolutely trust us. We want you to have that same feeling of trust when your crew leaves. Thank you for choosing TRS Moving!

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We have a wealth of knowledge if you have a difficult moving situation chances are we can figure out the logistics. Call to speak with our office staff and they will recommend the best course of action.